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[Nominated for Award] Help to Save the Zoo Trip

Award children's book

[Nominated for Award] Help to Save the Zoo Trip

by tessa
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Nominated for Award: I am so excited my book “Help to Save the Zoo Trip” is nominated for an award.
Please vote for my book: “Help to Save the Zoo Trip”

This link will lead you straight to the Children’s Book category

It’s an interactive, humorous and educational picture book full of fun activities for kids aged 3 to 8.

‘Help to save the Zoo Trip’ is a humorous picture book about a typical school outing. However, last night the gates in the zoo were not closed properly. Now the animals are all over the place. The kids and animals need you! Help find the animals such as an elephant, a giraffe, a panda, a polar bear, a koala, a monkey, a crocodile, a kangaroo, and a camel and get them back where they belong.

Solve all kind of quizzes and puzzles:
*Can you help the animals to find their little ones?
*Can you find which droppings were left by each animal?
*Can you tell what each animal likes to eat?
*Can you find all the items taken from the souvenir shop?

˃˃˃ Fun for the entire family!
This is a book to enjoy together; it is fun for the younger ones (preschool) to look at the pictures and look for Tanda and the souvenirs, the older ones (ages 6-8) can probably answer the questions without the help of mom or dad.

Double-click on the pictures to see the pop-ups.

Go to the dedicated page of ‘Help to Save the Zoo Trip’

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