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[Fun activities] March 14 Pi Day -> Math Art: Pi Skyline


[Fun activities] March 14 Pi Day -> Math Art: Pi Skyline

by tessa
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I came across this great idea for Math Art: Create a Pi Skyline

What you need:
-the number Pi (see above)
-graph paper

Each building in the Pi cityscape represents a number of pi.
Color in the number of squares on the graph paper that correspond to each digit of pi. (black or colorful; each color corresponds to a number)
Kids can fill in columns of squares for as many digits as they wish.

You can also create a sky on another paper. Don’t forget to put pi’s as stars in the sky.
Paste the shadow city on this paper.


-Make a paper chain or beaded necklace in which each color in the chain represents a number.

-Pi word challenge; write down as many words you can starting with pi.

-Collect objects with circles or cylinders: coffee cans, soup cans, pie tins, paper plates, bowls.
Supply a length of string and ruler, measure the diameter and the circumference of their circles.
Next, calculate the circumference divided by the diameter and compare the results for the objects.

-Have a contest to see who can memorize the most numbers in pi.


Source: Website ‘What do we do all day’

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