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Tessa Tanda's Children's books are Entertaining, Interactive, and Educational Picture Books full of Fun Activities and Games for 3- to 8-year-old kids. The goal is to have fun together while learning something new.

Tessa Tanda is an author and illustrator of children's books. Tessa Tanda is a pen name. At first, I wanted to use the name of a cute animal for the last name but ended up with a fantasy creature, the combination of a turtle and a panda: The Tanda. (See the logo). Tanda is also hidden in a number of pictures and has a role in some of the other fun activities.

When I have kids come over, I always like to make up stories and invent new games. Via Tessa Tanda, I like to share these stories and games with children all over the world.

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Help to Save - Series

Read more about the Help to Save -series.

Book 1: Help to Save Sports Day
Book 2: Help to Save the Zoo Trip
Book 3: Help to Save Career Day

Tessa Tanda's Activity Book
Help to Save the Zoo Trip is nominated for the Reader's Choice Award: Children's Books. Please vote for 'Help to Save the Zoo Trip.


TIP: Read this e-books on your tablet (or smartphone):
These books feature Kindle Text Pop-Ups! Download the FREE Kindle Reading App and read the books on your tablet (or smartphone, laptop/pc).
Because by double clicking on the kids in the book their text will pop up. This way the e-book will read like a comic book.


All books in the 'Help to Save'- Series are available in English and Dutch; both as an e-book and a paperback. There is also a paperback version of each title in English-Dutch (bilingual)
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